Push notifications
for the things
that matter to you

New User: cenk@newding.co
New Payment received: $99
Investor opened your email

Get notified every time
something you care about
(with a single line of code)

Stay in the loop, on the go

You can set NewDing up to notify you of anything you can think of.
Some common use cases include:

New Signup
Someone makes a payment
Someone fills out a form
Someone visits a specific page (although that might get annoying)
A script finishes it’s run (like a database backup for example)

It’s surprisingly easy to implement with a single POST or GET request:
var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
xhr.open("GET", "https://newding.co/api/push?message=Hello&publicKey=nd_pk_123456", true);

We even have a solution in place for adding Push Notifications to weird places with a special, invisible image (known as a tracking pixel) that you can embed almost anywhere (for example, an extremely important email). When the image is loaded you will immediately get a push notification.

Don’t know what a POST request is or where to copy these codes? Not a problem!
You can use IFTTT to send a notification, requiring no coding at all on your part.

You could also use NewDing to monitor your cron jobs, for example. The possibilities are endless.


The NewDing service is completely free: you can send and receive as many push notifications as you want for as long as NewDing exists.
The NewDing app, which is required to receive the notifications on your phone, costs 7 USD.

No hidden fees, no monthly payments.

If you need to send push notifications to a very large number of phones – your entire company, for example — get in touch.